On Sunday, Sept. 17 in Rome’s Piazza della Balduina, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., kicks off a new step-by-step trail raising awareness of the issues of financial education and gambling, sponsored by the Adventum Foundation entitled “What is the game? Game education pathway“.

The project sees the collaboration of the anti-gambling project,“If This is a Game,” and the cooperatives Il Cammino and Parsec and is included within the “
Gambling, lying game
“, coordinated by “Asilo Savoia,” with funds from the Lazio Region.

The squares project offers passersby the opportunity to participate in a short play itinerary in 4 stages where it will be possible to experience the types of play, according to Roger Caillos‘ theory: ABILITY, CASE, SIMULATION and VERTIGY.

Above all, the course will aim to stimulate reflection on the world of gamb ling andfinancial education throughplayful experience and stimulation of the senses.

A fifth stage is planned at the end of the course in which topics such as the calculation of probability, cognitive distortions that occur in the gamer, definitions of themes, and first-hand accounts of pathological gamers will be presented.

The initiative received support from the
Eight per thousand of the Adventist Church

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