From counseling experience accumulated over more than 25 years, we have realized that many people do not have a clear understanding of their expenses and thus their savings. At best, users barely know the balance and general performance of the current account. But if we do not know how we spend our money, it will be difficult to make adjustments to correct any complex situation.

Expense Tracking

In such cases, the first advice is to keep track of income and expenses, to understand how our financial situation is going. Of course, this activity, besides being tedious, takes up part of our free time. But there is technology that comes to our rescue. Electronic and digital payments allow us to keep real-time tracking of the expenses we make, without having to stand around transcribing income and expenses with pen and paper.
This allows us to know at any time how I am managing money and make checks against the monthly budget I have set to use.

What can you do?

Having solved the first problem, the next step involves knowing two fundamental aspects:
– What is the amount of my expenses?

– What kind of expenses do I make?

Monitoring spending.

Tracking expenses then becomes a key aspect of being able to determine how much we are able to save on a monthly and annual basis, so that we understand what expenses we can reduce to increase savings.

So, today’s advice is: be aware of what you spend.

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