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What we do

  • We delve into the real economic-financial conditions and seek, with applicants, the transparent and resolving solutions.
  • We tidy up family balances with applicants by rebuilding liabilities and renegotiate loans and mortgages with banks and financial institutions. When necessary, we agree with creditors on the settlement of debt positions.
  • We issue guarantees through contracted banks to facilitate the granting of loans, otherwise denied, to individuals at risk of usury, following the guidelines from Art. 15/ L. March 7, 1996/108 through loans up to the maximum amount of € 25,000.00 (which in special cases can reach € 30,000.00), with repayment up to 60 months.

What we do NOT do

  • We do NOT give liquidity.
  • We do NOT intervene if the submitted documentation, related to the debt situation, is deficient or incomplete.
  • We do NOT provide loans directly, but we do provide the collateral needed to access credit for payment of past liabilities.

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If you find yourself in an over-indebtedness situation or if you think the only solution is the loan shark, contact us. We can give you practical and legal support to solve your problems.

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