But how can the state repair the distortions of a legalization that started with excellent assumptions but ended up triggering negative spillovers that are still submerged? What is the role of regions and local governments in this scenario? Questions that Public Notice tries to answer with the new edition of
“The Gambling Pandemic. Gaming in the Time of Covid: Risks, Dangers and Proposals for Reform”
published by Altreconomia.

On Thursday, June 8, from 4 to 5 p.m., the updated edition of the book written by Claudio Forleo and Giulia Migneco in four hands will be presented at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies. With this new edition of the book, Avviso Pubblico aims to provide qualified training on how licit gambling works in Italy with an analysis of the data, the ability to discern between legal and illegal offerings, and the cognitive and emotional processes that govern gambling and make it a danger to hundreds of thousands of people.


In addition to the authors at the presentation, after institutional greetings by Anna Ascani, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gian Antonio Girelli, Deputy of the Chamber of Deputies, Andrea Bosi, Vice-President of Avviso Pubblico with delegated authority on the issue of Gambling, and Franco Evangelisti, President of Adventum Foundation, will speak:

  • Nicola Villa, editor Altreconomia;
  • Hon. Federico Cafiero de Raho, former National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor.
  • Hon. Andrea De Bertoldi, former member of the Commission on Illegal Gaming and Public Gaming Dysfunction in the 18th Legislature (he was invited)
  • Mario Lollobrigida, Central Games Director (he was invited).

The meeting will also be streamed live on the Chamber of Deputies webtv through this link.

To attend the in-person meeting, you must register through this link: https://sequestoeungioco.org/pandemia-da-azzardo-2023/

The production of this update as an ebook version was made possible by funds from the
Eight per thousand from the Adventist Church
, earmarked for the project
If This is a Game
, carried out by
Public Notice
Adventum Foundation.