1. Who are you?

We are a foundation that runs a listening and guidance center to promote sound money management. We were born in 1995 thanks to the eight per thousand that the Adventist Christian Church receives each year at the choice of taxpayers.

  1. What do you do?

Together with the person, we assess his or her debt situation and income capacity to get out of debt.

  1. If after doing all the calculations it turns out that I cannot pay my debts, what can you do?

If the meritorious criteria of Law 108/96 are met, both we and the applicant try to deal with debtors-when possible-and, after appropriate arrangements, submit to one of the contracted banks an application for a loan aimed at paying off the applicant’s debts. We do NOT give liquidity.

  1. I have a craft business and need liquidity, can you help me?

No, as a foundation we can support employees and retirees. Contact the
nearest to you for an interview.

  1. I reside outside Lazio, can you help me?

The relationship between ADVENTUM and the person is based on a mutual relationship of trust and transparency, conditions that necessarily require some meetings to manifest. Therefore, we point you to the list of the foundations e associations recognized by the MEF – Ministry of Economy and Finance – present throughout the country. By identifying the entity closest to his or her residence, he or she will be able to establish more effective contact and be followed along the way.

  1. What money do you work with?

With funds from Law 108/96 disbursed by the MEF – Ministry of Economy and Finance, pursuant to Law 108/96.