How to access

– The person concerned contacts the listening desk by telephone and, if the minimum conditions are met, is invited for an interview.

– During the meeting, the user tells his or her story and exposes the debt situation to the operators, who assess with him or her what resources are available to get out of it.

– Pursuant to the L. 108/96, when the situation is irretrievable from every point of view, you assist the user in preparing the documents for theobtaining a bank loan aimed at closing debts and provided that, with this operation, a monthly installment is obtained that is again sustainable over time.

– Once the file is completed, a special technical committee of Adventum (the Committee for the Granting of Loans – CCP) evaluates the file and approves it and then passes it on to the actual bank inquiry at the contracted banking institution. The CCP reviews the request based on merits criteria specified by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

– After appropriate investigation, the bank contacts the applicant and the guarantor to sign the documents necessary totake out the loan.

– Advetum gives provision to the bank to pay debts as per agreed transactions with creditors.

The applicant thus “re-enters” the banking circuit and enters into a contract that sees him or her in a direct relationship with the bank.

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Who can benefit

Individuals, employees, and pensioners (NO companies that can consult the List of Confidi who have received funds under Article 15 of Law 108/96).

Unbanked persons (to whom banks and/or financial institutions do not extend credit)

People willing to handle their debt situation, with transparency and sincerity, together with the Foundation (NO cash requests ).

Merit criteria

Meritability criteria are given by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the evaluation of the file and are:

– Actual state of need of the applicant;

Seriousness of the reason for indebtedness related to the state of need;

Ability to repay based on income and/or asset status;

– Well-founded prospects of removing the indebted person from usury.