If your income increases, because you receive a raise on your salary for example, it is a good habit to increase your savings accordingly.

In general, the general advice is to save 20 percent of one’s income each month.

Try the 50/30/20 rule devised by Senator Elizabeth Warren, a university teacher of bankruptcy law:

This recommendation to save every 20 percent of one’s income makes sense. But it is not always so simple to apply in everyday life.

The good news is that those who save 20% of their earnings will, in about 40 years set aside 25 times their annual income.

Basically, after 40 years of saving you can stop working for 25 years. All without giving up your usual lifestyle. Yes, it is a simplification, but it gives enough of an idea.

On the other hand, if setting aside 20 percent of your income doesn’t seem like a feasible goal at the moment, don’t get frustrated.

Saving is first of all a habit.

Source: financer.com

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