Adventist Institute “Villa Aurora” in Florence, Italy.
proposes a new training opportunity. “Dialogues on mafias. History, symbols, organization and presence in the area” is the online course on organized crime designed to educate about legality.

The initiative was created in collaboration with the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation. Partners in the course include the Adventum Foundation the
Eight Per Thousand Adventist Church
and Adventist radio station
, which will talk about the event through its microphones.

There is a red thread connecting the beginning and the conclusion of the course. Two symbolic dates commemorating the tragic criminal events that marked Italy forever. In fact, classes will start on May 23 at 6 p.m., the anniversary of the Capaci massacre.

On this occasion, the
29th anti-mafia summit
of the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation, where participants from the world fighting the Mafia will participate. The event will be open to all and can be followed on the
Facebook page of the Adventist Institute

The course will end on July 19, the date of the Via D’Amelio massacre. The meetings will be held weekly and will be taught by teachers, magistrates, columnists and members of the Caponnetto Foundation.

“Since it is not an academic course, the training proposal is intentionally aimed at a broad audience, motivated to better understand and dialogue about the issues and events, including from recent Italian history, that will be addressed from time to time,” says Davide Romano, director of the Adventist Institute. The term “dialogues” is an integral part of the initiative and somewhat defines the structure of the lessons. “The course will always have an initial report, or testimony, aimed at explaining the mafia phenomenon, its social, cultural, political, and economic incidence, its characteristics, and its modes of operation. Then there will be an extensive discussion with the participants. The dialogue will itself constitute part of the teaching of the course,” Romano points out.

To register , simply fill out the specially prepared form at villaaurora.it/dialoghi-sulle-mafie and then finalize the registration by paying the participation fee of €150.00.

Download the brochure with the course program and full details here.