“After years of waiting, finally the company I was working for granted me the desired transfer. I dreamed of being able to work in Rome for a long time. With my wife we celebrate. Of course, she would have to look for another little job, but it was not a problem at all. We found an apartment to rent with difficulty because the costs in the capital were practically double what they were in the country we came from … but that one-bedroom apartment was more than suitable for us. We furnished it in a simple way by opening a loan with a finance company. We already had a loan with our bank. Despite my only salary, paying rent, utilities, food and installments, we thought we could make it, even though we could hardly afford Saturday night pizza. After a while, Alberto, our baby, was born, and I realized that everything had become more difficult to sustain. I took out a revolving card, it seemed to work out. But everything actually got worse; the money was no longer enough. We managed to hold it together for several months before we also collapsed psychologically: in fact, we didn’t talk about anything else anymore. The breakthrough came through a neighbor who had found herself in a difficult situation and turned to a foundation. We also phoned and they gave us an appointment. After a few months, we took out a loan with which we could close the two financial and revolving card, and finally not only did the monthly outgoings lighten up … but also the thoughts