NICOLA, friend of ADVENTUM Onlus Foundation

“After the separation I found myself with a heavy monthly financial outlay: the allowance for my two children-who lived with their mother-three financing payments and the rent for my new studio apartment. Despite the little I had left to live on I was managing to make ends meet, but a tile fell on my head when the transportation company I worked for sent me a letter saying they were closing. I was with no way out. I spent months of hell being chased by calls from financiers, the burden of not being able to support my children, rent arrears–sleeping had become impossible. I found a new job in a service cooperative, but the debts were now piling up. A former classmate with whom I had confided told me about a foundation to which his brother-in-law had turned and through which he had found a solution. i phoned and arranged an appointment so I could talk about my situation. Several months passed before settlements with my creditors were finalized, but eventually I was able to pay everyone. Now I have a single installment that I pay with much more peace of mind. I’m off and running again!”