Luigi and Elsa ask us for an appointment because they are worried about their debts; they have not been able to make regular payments for a few months. They have a mortgage that is coming to an end, less than a year, a V assignment, and a loan with a finance company. Both are retired and have hobbies and interests. Take away from the two pensions the total of their living expenses – mortgage, utilities, board, installments, taxes – it seems to us that the couple should not even be able to pay for everything, but Elsa explains that Since she retired, she has always given private tutoring to students, and with this extra income they were able to pay rent and installments with peace of mind. The problem arose because for about six months he had to be treated for an illness, fortunately a temporary one, and during that time he was unable to give classes. What Luigi and Elsa are asking for is a loan with which they can pay off their debt with the finance company early and stretch it out over time to have a lower installment. But after doing the calculations well together, we all agree that it is not convenient to close a loan to dilute it further, still paying interest. In a few months, the mortgage payment will end and the couple will have a decent amount of money available that will allow them to pay for everything regularly–and even buy a few more books! Luigi and Elsa’s apparent over-indebtedness situation can be solved by doing the math right, putting real income and real expenses in black and white, and realizing that you have the ability to pay again.