Augusto and Patrizia are two retirees in their 70s, former math teachers she and English teacher he. They have no children and have lived in a rented apartment for as long as they can remember. Monthly expenses are slightly higher than average due to an expensive apartment building where major renovations have been done. For this reason, the couple take out a bank loan to pay the first installment of the condominium down payment. Unfortunately, two years ago Patrizia became seriously ill, and in addition to specialist visits she had to endure special care. Augustus in turn succumbs to depression, and the management of the family budget remains suspended for more than a year. Condominium, rent, loan and utility payments are piling up, but wife and husband are totally unprepared to handle the situation. Patrizia’s illness fortunately takes a positive turn, while Augusto regains balance-though very fragile-to continue. Caught off guard by an eviction notice , they ask their bank for help, but find out that they are reported bad payers due to overdue loan installments. They then turn to their municipality’s social services who give them the Foundation’s phone number. During the first meeting we explain to Patrizia that debts can be consolidated into one. And so it goes.