During the lockdown but, more generally, at this time when the virus is throttling society and the economy, the usury is the only crime that is increasing exponentially. So many merchants and families suffering serious hardship, the moment they find the doors of banks closed, are forced to open their own, of doors, to moneylenders. And crooks are quick, with as much as 50 percent interest, to seize the remaining assets, lives and dignity of people.

Racketeering, in this pandemic period, is also growing. But victims can come out of it, they can breathe again: the key word is “reporting.” A gradual path of revival will be opened thanks to the funds made available by the State Institutions, and through the assistance and support of the Industry Associations.

These are some of the issues addressed bylawyer Luigi Ciatti, president of Ambulatorio Antiusura Onlus, vice president of Fai (Italian Anti-Racket Federation) and the Center for Financial Legality Studies, at the microphones of Mario Calvagno and Carmen Zammataro on RVS Rome.


Listen to RVS Rome ‘s interview withlawyer Luigi Ciatti.