The play “Nothing for Nothing. Stories Suspended Between Overindebtedness and Usury” began its tour among high schools in the capital on Tuesday, April 28. The first stop took place at the State Higher Education Institute “Enzo Ferrari,” where a teacher wanted to thank us as follows:

I am writing immediately after this morning’s theater performance to report our pupils’ high appreciation of the play “Nothing at all,” which managed to hold both the “little ones” of the two-year old class and the “big ones” who enjoyed the explicit language of the 4 main characters (especially Francesco Meoni’s constant cell phone calls), the engaging plot and the overabundant set design.
Personally, I was struck by the mix of mass media (TV screens), quotes from classic authors, and direct and touching testimonies from victims of usury who managed to come out on top.
It was a life lesson for our pupils, making them aware of the harsh reality of usury which, through “friends of friends” who are always willing to help those in economic difficulty, leads only to despair and contempt for these unscrupulous people.
Therefore, we thank you all for the opportunity you gave to our Institute and special appreciation for the skill of the actors.

Prof. Lilia Elvira Iona
I.I.S. “ENZO FERRARI” – seat ITC “Giovanni da Verrazzano”- Rome