Today, Monday, March 1, from 6:30 p.m., live on Facebook on the pages of the Lombardy Federations, there will be a meeting organized by PD Lombardy and the Association Public Notice , entitled “The specter of usury. How to prevent and counteract“.

Speaking for Avviso Pubblico will be the Regional Coordinator for Lombardy Fabio Bottero, Mayor of Trezzano sul Naviglio (Mi).

Along with him will participate:

  • Franco Mirabelli, Senator, PD Anti-Mafia Commission group leader;
  • Andrea Painini, President of Confesercenti Milano;
  • Eleonora Montani, Adjunct Professor Bocconi University;
  • Angelo Orsenigo, PD Group Leader in the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission;
  • Claudia Peciotti, Head of Justice and the Fight against the Mafias PD Lombardy Regional Secretariat.

The meeting will be viewable live on Facebook on the PD Lombardy page

For more information, visit the Public Notice website.