At different times of the year, we are offered attractive discounts, especially for online purchases, such as for the Black Friday period. Often the offers are undoubtedly advantageous. The problem, however, may be in our wallets, regardless of the discount offered.

The great thing about online shopping is that there are no que ues or endless lines. In addition, we have an endless selection of products available, andstores are always open: online shopping definitely offers many advantages.

However, shopping online confronts us with some dangers.

Shopping online is a satisfying and fun activity: we need to access an app, choose the products we are interested in and click on the‘buy now‘ button.

Have you noticed that over the years, we have seen a simplification of the purchasing action. This is all part of the company’s strategies to make the customer experience increasingly easy and enjoyable.

However, this may encourage you to make more impulsive decisions and thus lead you to go over budget quickly and without realizing it. But there are several solutions that can help us reflect and control our actions.

As you may have already read from the title,one method of understanding when you are about to commit a faux pas is tomake a purchase only if it is possible to buy that same item twice, without affecting our budget too much.

Another tip is to leave items in the cart for at least half an hour before proceeding with the purchase.

This extra time will give you enough time to figure out if you are making an impulse purchase or if it is instead a necessary and reasoned expenditure.

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