Dedicates 20% of income in savings

To be always sure of one’s financial and, therefore, economic situation, one only needs to devote 60 seconds each day to money management. How? Checking on investment trends, news, and important news.

In this regard we recommend Webinars on Financial Education,
carried out in cooperation with theAnti-usury Outpatient Clinic and theArticle 47 Association – Free from Debt,on the occasion of Financial Education Month – October 2021.

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We deal with over-indebtedness prevention related to usury risk every day throughlistening, counseling and support. We are approached by employees and retirees who are in a situation of imbalance between income and expenses and cannot pay their debts.

In the video we show you the steps to follow to receive free support.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, please contact us!

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