Listen to the testimonies of people who have turned to us for debt reorganization.

Know the stories of those who ask for help to get their lives back on their feet. These people have found the Adventum Foundation a home.

What is the Adventum Foundation?

The Adventum Onlus Foundation was established in 1995 by the Italian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Christian Churches to respond to situations of over-indebtedness related to usury risk. Adventum collaborates with institutions and the association world.

Our main activities

Usury prevention

Financial education


Adventum works in usury prevention and promotes a culture of legality, working alongside individuals and families who are applicants to help them overcome financial difficulties by examining the real conditions and related solution prospects to rebalance the family budget and encourage responsible use of money.

History of the Foundation

  • It was established in 1995, in the wake of tragic and repeated news stories about the scourge of usury, at the behest of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church, thanks to the8xmille funds allocated to it by taxpayers, with the aim of preventing usury and spreading the culture of legality.
  • It was appointed as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of the Interior and then registered on the Ministry of Economy and Finance‘s list of anti-usury foundations and associations, pursuant to Law 108/96 (usury law).
  • He participated in the establishment of theOnlus Anti-Use Outpatient Clinic in 1996 to offer free professional counseling to victims of usury.
  • Collaborates with the Lazio Region, first under L. R. 23/2001 then L.R. 14/2015, to assist over-indebted families.
  • It is registered on the prefectural list of associations and organizations providing assistance and solidarity to individuals harmed by extortion and usury.

What is the game? The step-by-step path that lets you experience the excitement of free play

On Sunday, Sept. 17 in Rome's Piazza della Balduina, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., kicks off a new step-by-step trail raising awareness of the issues of financial education and gambling, sponsored by the Adventum Foundation entitled "What is the game? Game education...

Good financial advice #02 Keep track of your wealth

Keeping track of expenses and income is essential to be aware of one’s finances and to make decisions.

Global Money Week 2021 March 22-28, 2021

The ninth edition of the OECD-sponsored international event, which to date has involved more than 40 million young people in 175 countries, is kicking off. In Italy it is coordinated by the Committee for Planning and Coordination of Financial Education Activities.

Usury grows along with the pandemic. So is the racket.

During the lockdown but more generally in this period when the virus is throttling society and the economy, usury is the only crime that is increasing exponentially. Interview with lawyer. Luigi Ciatti.

“The Black Hand. How to counter the phenomenon of usury together.” March 5 on the City of Fiumicino’s facebook page.

On Friday, March 5, at 6 p.m., the book “The Black Hand. Usury told by those who fell into the hands of loan sharks and clans” by Salvatore Giuffrida and Luigi Ciatti.

Online meeting “The spectre of usury. How to prevent and counter it.”

Online meeting on usury and mafias organized by the Avviso Pubblico Association, entitled “The spectre of usury. How to prevent and counter it.”
Facebook live on Monday, March 1, 6:30 p.m.

Covid 19 emergency: 60% of Italian households are struggling to make ends meet, and less than one-third of respondents know basic concepts of finance

After the COVID-19 emergency, nearly 60 percent of Italian households say they are struggling to make ends meet. They especially have difficulties for Italians living in the South and with low levels of education. But households with high financial literacy are more resilient.

Covid and gambling, the effects of the pandemic: the Iss study

There was a significant decrease in gambling, both land-based and online, during the lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic restrictions, but there was a spike just after the relaxation of regulations, especially online gambling. Initial considerations from research coordinated by the National Institute of Health .

Piedmont gambling report: the “distance meter” introduced by Law 9/2016 to combat GAP is working.

Last January 28, the report “Policies to prevent and combat pathological gambling in Piedmont was presented. The evolution of the phenomenon, the implementation of Regional Law No. 9/2016 and the activities of the plan” of the Piedmont Region.

The welfare of organized crime in the time of Covid. Roberto Saviano’s investigation for Corriere della Sera.

Investigation by Roberto Saviano for Corriere della Sera: “Mafia money is eroding the healthy economic fabric of the country. The crisis generated by the pandemic is crumbling the backbone of the Italian economy.”

Find out about other associations in the country that cooperate with the Department of Treasury, pursuant to Article 15 of Law 108/96, through the

Adventum Foundation prevents usury risk by supporting people in economic distress.

Deciding to fight usury with us is simple, through8xmille.

Together, we can continue to educate about legality, promote training paths for young people useful in preventing over-indebtedness, and offer a concrete financial solution to those in difficulty.