ADVENTUM Foundation supports people in economic distress to prevent usury risk through the work of volunteer workers who provide their expertise


The counter’s volunteer workers decide to lend their sensitive and active contribution in the area of usury prevention in favor of sound money management.

People who come to an anti-usury desk first seek to tell their stories and gain clarity in the difficult situation they are in, or think they are in.

The listening activity offered by the operators is already a possibility of change for the person; this first action may be followed by a series of meetings and, when necessary, actual counseling by the operators; and finally, if necessary, the provision of a guarantee (thanks to the funds of Law 108/96 from the ADVENTUM Foundation) aimed at reorganizing debts.

The relationship that is established between the volunteers and the people who come to the counter must result in a true pact of mutual transparency and cooperation.

ADVENTUM Foundation through its volunteer workers offers the opportunity for those who are isolated and without economic resources to grow professionally, culturally and morally to face life’s challenges with hope again. Qualified staff and trained volunteers provide their legal, tax and banking expertise to accompany recipients on their way out of economic and psychological distress.

In addition to economic solutions, ADVENTUM offers advice from legal, tax, banking and moral support through the collaboration of volunteer professionals from the Rome-based Ambulatorio Antiusura ONLUS.

Do not fall into the hands of moneylenders. Contact ADVENTUM Foundation volunteers.

Become a volunteer

ADVENTUM Foundation is continually seeking volunteers to train for the Faenza and Parma branches and to be able to set up other branches throughout the country.

The various volunteers, once trained, must be authorized by vote of the ADVENTUM Foundation Board of Directors.

If you would like to apply to become one of the ADVENTUM volunteers, please fill out the form below.

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ADVENTUM Foundation prevents usury risk
Supporting people in economic hardship.

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