MONTHLY budget and
summary of DEBTS


Adventum Foundation prevents usury risk by supporting people in economic distress.

To better assess your debt situation, please download the sheets below to make a “DEBT OVERVIEW” and “MONTHLY BALANCE” between your family’s income and expenses.

Debt Summary

To fill out the DEBT SHEET you must indicate the type of debt (e.g., home mortgage, overdraft, loan, assignment of V°, etc.) and the reason why the debt was incurred or arose; the creditor (e.g., banking institution, finance company, INPS, various fees and taxes, rent, utilities, debts to relatives/friends/employer, etc.); theoriginal amount and theamount outstanding; the date the debt began; its duration; the installments in arrears; and the monthly installment.

To make the MONTHLY BUDGET you must indicate, in revenue, the main income, thepossible second income, the children’s income, other income and Any other income; in the outputs you must, on the other hand, indicate the monthly share of therent or the mortgage, the monthly share of the utilities, expenses for the food, the fuel, the monthly fee of the stamp and/or theautomobile insurance, the monthly fee for the school/university, withholding of the V°, proxy loan, total installments for financing and miscellaneous expenditures.

Debt Summary

The downloadable PDF form can be filled out with Adobe Acrobat or similar program.

Fill in all the items on your DEBT SHEET and MONTHLY BALANCE SHEET and send them to We will assess your situation together!